The PR Intern Blog- Part 1

Plain Speaking Agency PR Intern

Two weeks in a new job may not seem like long; not long enough to do anything worthwhile anyway. But my first two weeks as an intern at Plain Speaking Agency has been jam-packed, varied and stimulating- my notebook is already half full.

To many people, thoughts of an internship may conjure up images of unpaid hours spent making tea, leaning against the photocopier and carrying out other menial tasks deemed ‘necessary’ in order to succeed in your chosen industry. Sadly, some of my former university course-mates have fallen victim to this role. I, however, have been much more fortunate and I am thoroughly enjoying my new (paid!) internship with Plain Speaking.

Through the final year of my American Studies degree at UEA I became aware that I wanted to pursue a career in PR and marketing. Whilst a student, I gained various forms of work experience and secured a 2.1 in my degree. Then, after the obligatory post-graduation panic which I am assured every Humanities graduate experiences, my current position was advertised through the Santander Graduate Internship Scheme. Following a rather enjoyable interview with Pippa I was delighted when I was offered the role.

On my first day, once I’d had a quick tour of the office (yes, I was shown the kettle), I was whisked off to my first client meeting which has been followed by many more in the subsequent days. I frequently attend meetings with both existing and prospective clients which is helping me to get a real feel for the company and the industry. I have been informed of all upcoming projects which seem exciting, if a little daunting right now.

Pippa and Kayla certainly don’t patronise me, handing over a solid ‘to do’ list every day. Their expectations aren’t unreasonable, I am brand new after all, but I feel that all my contributions are valued and wanted. I have already had chance to exercise my writing skills through enewsletters, press releases and articles which has been great.

I feel that I have definitely been thrown into the deep end with lots to do and learn, but I am not quite out of my depth. I am very much looking forward to all of the ventures on the horizon and I am very glad to have started my career in PR. I am also regularly complimented on my tea-making abilities.

So far, so good.